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In-Flight Exercises to Avoid Aches and Pain

plane interiorJust in time for summer vacation, chef and fitness expert Carmel Baronoff, host of an upcoming new PBS program called “Living Well With Carmel,” shares simple exercises you can do while traveling on a plane to prevent pain and stiffness.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, people across the country will spend hours traveling by plane. And while the destinations may be comfortable and relaxing, sitting sedentary in a small seat can leads to leg cramps, aches and pains.

These exercises focus on your core strength tool, your abs.

Carmel Baronoff 2

Fitness expert Carmel Baronoff will be hosting a new PBS show focused on healthy lifestyles.

#1: Stand on Fists

While sitting in your seat, make fists with your hands and place them next to you, close to your knees. Push your weight forward, and then pull yourself up. Your feet are off the ground and your butt is off the seat. Hold this position for 20 seconds.

#2: Leg Lifts

Still in the sitting position, pull your knees up and then down without touching your feet to the floor of the plane. Repeat 6 times. You should feel this exercise in your middle abdomen region. leg lift exercise







#3: Circles

Similar to the exercise above, while in the sitting position, lift your knees and rotate them in circles without your feet touching the floor. Repeat at least 6 times in clock and counter clock-wise directions.


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Pain from long hours on crowded planes can be alleviated by a few simple exercises.



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Carmel Baronoff

Carmel, who dubs herself as the “Health Coach” for baby boomers, shows audiences that with healthy eating, continued activity and mental clarity, being 50 and older can become the best time in our lives. She is the cheerleader and guide for living well in during your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond with the promise of achieving new meaning and satisfaction for decades. Carmel hosts the PBS television show “Living Well with Carmel.”

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