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Urban Trend Ice Cream Scoop: Get It

Ice cream scoopOkay, I’m old school. For years, I’ve been using a cool, antique ice cream scoop, the kind with a lever that ‘scrapes’ the ice cream out of the scoop. It’s pretty–brass and wood–but it doesn’t do a great job with freezer-hard ice cream. Usually, I have to microwave my ice cream container, which often results in part of the ice cream melting. Enter Urban Trend’s Fruzen® Ice Cream Scoop. This is an ergonomic scooper with power tip and corner scraper that creates round scoops of ice cream perfect for cones, regardless of the hardness of the ice cream.

UrbanTrend ice cream scoop

The UrbanTrend Fruzen ice cream scoop is sturdy and functional.

The Urban Trend ice cream scoop features a cool, ergonomic handle that feels very comfortable in your hand. The durable metal scooper head is solid (no levers) and contoured with a pointy ‘power tip’ that also serves as a corner scraper to get that last bit of ice cream out of the container.

UrbanTrend ice cr scoop

It’s sleek with an ergonomic handle and powerful head.


I tried the Fruzen® ice cream scoop with some Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla right out of the freezer. The ice cream was super hard, but the Urban Trend scoop easily cut through it, creating satisfying rounded balls of ice cream. Whether I used the scoop’s thin edge or the pointed power tip, the result was the same: perfectly rounded ice cream balls produced with little effort regardless of the hard ice cream.

Made from plastic (handle) and plated zinc alloy (head), the Urban Trend ice cream scoop is dishwasher safe (top rack).

This rugged, functional ice cream scoop is one I’ll be using for years. Guess I’ll display that old antique one on a shelf. –Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor


Check out Urban Trend’s video on its new ice cream scoop.


Urban Trend Fruzen® Ice cream Scoop is available online.


UrbanScoop ice cream scoop head

The zinc alloy head cuts through the hardest ice cream.

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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