7 Pepper Cactus-infused Vodka Recipe

fruit infused vodkaVodka is such a perfect palette for adding flavors and, recently, infused vodka have become popular among mixologists at top bars and restaurants. Essentially, infusing involves exposing the vodka to whatever fruit, vegetable, or herb flavoring you’d like over a few weeks. Then you can use the infused vodka alone or in other cocktail recipes.

Here’s a recipe from our friends at Duet Restaurant in New York for infused vodka that employs the sweetness of bell peppers with the almost stringent flavor of edible cactus (napole).

Editor’s Note: This recipe calls for fresh edible cactus, which you can often find at Hispanic grocery stores.

Recipe courtesy Duet Restaurant


7 Peppers (Duet recommends bell peppers for the summer)

1 Edible Cactus

2 cups of Honey

3 liters of Vodka (guest preference)


hosue infused vodka

You can use almost any fruit, vegetable, or herb you’d like in infused vodka.

Prepare the cactus by washing and peeling the skin and spines. Clean the peppers and remove seeds to preference. Combine the cactus and peppers in a large glass container or large canning jar. Pour over the honey and vodka, and allow to infuse for three weeks in room temperature. Shake the jar once daily.

Strain the vodka and enjoy.

Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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