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Matt’s Munchies: A Great Travel Snack

Matts munchies all flavorsWhether you’re exploring a tropical island or touring a new city this summer, travel essentials you shouldn’t leave home without include healthy snacks. And we’ve discovered a delicious, easy-to-carry travel snack that’s become our new favorite—Matt’s Munchies. These delectable fruit leather snacks contain less than 100 calories per package, are certified organic and gluten-free. They’re also Kosher-Pareve, Non-GMO and Vegan. Most importantly, they taste great.

Matts munchies mango

Each little square of Matt’s Munchies packs a ton of flavor.

While I like fruit leathers, often they’re too thick and too sticky to be a really good travel snack. Not Matt’s Munchies. These folks have created thin sheets of fruit leather and cut them into little squares. The fruit squares are placed on a foldable, waxed sheet that keeps the leather moist. Just peel off a square and enjoy. Because they’re thin, the fruit is easy to chew and doesn’t stick to your teeth. In fact, they practically melt in your mouth.

Since each 1-oz. package contains less than 100 calories, Matt’s Munchies are easy on the waistline. Each package contains 1.5-2 servings of fruit and is made with all-natural ingredients. For instance, the Mango Ginger contains organic mango puree concentrate, organic ginger flavor, and organic cinnamon powder—that’s it.

Matt’s Munchies, which are handmade in the U.S.A., come in eight flavors: Mango, Island Mango, Banana, Banana Coconut, Mango Apricot, Banana, Apple-licious, and Mango Ginger. All the flavors are lusciously bright and, unlike many fruit leather treats, they’re not overly sweet. That may be because the creator of Matt’s Munchies, Chef Robert, is a former banker, vegetarian and self-proclaimed ‘finicky snacker.’ Frustrated by the unhealthy snack options available, Robert decided to see if he could develop his own healthy snacks and Matt’s Munchies was born.

Our editors at sampled three flavors, all new in Matt’s Munchies line-up:

matts munchies island mango

Island Mango contains both pureed mango and flacks of coconut.

Mango Ginger– As a confirmed ginger lover, I was crazy for the Mango Ginger. The soft tropical flavor of mango is accented by spicy ginger for a refreshing chew.

Island Mango– This fruit leather contains the same delicate mango flavor, but is highlighted with small flakes of coconut. It’s a tropical delight.

Mango Apricot– The combination of organic mango puree and organic apricot puree create a snack that has plenty of balanced flavor. The slightly tart apricot cuts the sweetness of the mango for a perfect bite.

Matt's Munchines ginger

The Mango Ginger has a spicy, ginger flavor that packs a punch.

Each package of Matt’s Munchies contains 14 individual fruit leather squares and the nutritional information, including calories, are for one full package. Taking one of the Mango Ginger packages on a flight with me, the package lasted the entire flight and even longer. That’s because Matt’s Munchies are long on flavor. One chewy bite satisfies for a good while.

The foldable paper pretty much keeps the Munchie squares moist, but I found after opening the package, they wanted to slip out of the package. My only suggestion is that Matt’s Munchies package these in a re-sealable package so the chews stay fresh longer. Otherwise, I’ll just have to eat them faster. – Bobbie Hasselbring, Editor,

You can buy Matt’s Munchies on their website

or from Amazon or other internet retailers.


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