Tiger’s Eye Cocktail Recipe

Tigers eye cocktailWe’re always looking for cocktail recipes using tequila, one of our favorite hard liquors. This recipe for Tiger’s Eye was created by the mixologists at the Reserve Cut at The Setai, a high-end kosher steakhouse in New York City.

Tiger’s Eye is part of the new seasonal bar menu at the Reserve Cut. They’ve endeavored to breathe new life into classic cocktail offerings with unique twists. This one is a refreshing twist to a margarita that features Herradura Silver Tequila, red bell peppers, skinless cucumbers and a house-made citrus salt to offer a mix of flavors that blend fresh, spicy and tangy – a perfect drink for the end of summer.

Recipe courtesy of Reserve Cut at The Setai

sports bar 2

Enjoy a Tiger’s Eye cocktail at Reserve Cut’s cool sports bar.


2 ounces of Herradura Silver Tequila (or your favorite silver tequila)

1 ounce of Fresh Key Lime Juice

1 ounce Simple Syrup

2 slices of Red Bell Pepper

2 round slices of Skinless Cucumber

House-made Citrus Salt

Instructions for Citrus Salt:

Combine 1 cup of Kosher Salt with fresh zest of 2 medium-sized limes, 2 medium-sized lemons, 1 medium-sized orange and four tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper. Allow to dry.

Instructions for Tiger’s Eye:

Muddle the Red Bell Pepper and Cucumber with the Lime Juice and Simple Syrup in a mixing tin. Add Herradura Silver Tequila with one scoop of ice and shake. Rim a rocks glass with half a rim of the house-made citrus salt. Fill glass with ice. Single strain the cocktail into the glass and garnish with a sliver of Red Bell Pepper, creating the look of a tiger’s eye.

For added heat, add 2 slices of jalapeno with seeds to the muddle process.

Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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