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HyperChiller: Iced Beverages, No Dilution


HyperChiller is a new kitchen tool used to make iced coffee or tea, or to chill wine or spirits, quickly and without ice. You can also use it for lemonade, sports drinks, juice, or other non-carbonated beverages.

The product stores in your freezer until you’re ready to use it. Two layers of ice shroud a stainless steel cup. Pour in up to 12 ounces of liquid, swirl and let rest for between 30 to 90 seconds, and you’ll have a perfectly cooled drink.

Prep the HyperChiller

The HyperChiller is easy to use. Prep it for cooling beverages by filling the smaller stainless cup with water up to the indented mark, then sealing it with the black plastic lid. Fill the second, larger stainless steel cup with water up the indented mark on that container. Pour this water into the black plastic HyperChiller cup. Twist the now-empty stainless steel cup onto the same black lid you used for the smaller lid. Place the larger stainless steel cup into the black HyperChiller cup, and twist the cover until closed once more. Pop it in the freezer and it’s ready to use after about 12 hours.

Using the HyperChiller

coffee chiller

HyperChiller can make creating cold drinks a breeze.

Using the HyperChiller is simple. Take it out of the freezer, and pour in your liquid right on top of the product’s closed lid. I liked how the space provided is large enough and how the liquid funnels down inside the chamber. I never spilled a drop. (It will also fit directly under many coffeemakers.)

Your beverage is cooled in no time, without ice. I tested the times provided for perfect cooling temperatures in their guidelines—depending on the beverage being chilled and the amount of liquid desired—and  their guidelines were spot on.

While you can make coffee or tea and chill it in the refrigerator, the flavor isn’t half as good as when it’s made fresh and enjoyed right away, without dilution. Iced coffee is a beverage that many people are addicted to during the summer months, but most get it from coffee shops. HyperChiller could really save you money by letting you make a great iced coffee at home. (Although it won’t curb that addiction.) I love iced coffee and I like it strong. I made an excellent iced coffee with the HyperChiller.

For non-carbonated beverage, this can be handy if you want a beverage that hasn’t been stored in the refrigerator and you don’t want to dilute it with a lot of ice to cool it quickly.

Cool Wine and Spirits Too

When you come home and open a bottle of white wine that hasn’t been chilled, the HyperChiller can cool a glass or two without dropping in an ice cube. (White wine served right from the fridge is a little too cold anyway.)

My favorite use of the HyperChiller was when I used it to cool off spirits (in this case, a couple of fingers of scotch). I like my scotch neat, but while I think just a little cooling enhances the flavor, I don’t want that flavor diluted with ice. Just a quick swirl in the HyperChiller, and the whiskey was the perfect temperature.

You can use the HyperChiller a couple of times without needing to refreeze it.

When you’re done, just rinse the HyperChiller out and place it back in the freezer. (No doubt, occasionally you’ll want to take it out, let it defrost and wash each piece separately. It’s dishwasher safe.)

coffee cream chiller

Iced coffee fans will love the HyperChiller.

A couple of minor considerations. The HyperChiller can cool only a couple of drinks before the cylinders will need to be frozen again, so the product isn’t designed for large parties. It measures 4.25” in diameter by 6.75” tall, so you’ll need to reserve space in the freezer for it.

Overall, I like the product. It may not be an essential kitchen item for all, but daily iced coffee or iced tea drinkers would enjoy and make good, regular use of it. It’s an attractive product and makes a great gift. The HyperChiller sells for about $30.00. — By Nancy Zaffaro, RFT NW Wine, Brews & Spirits Editor

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