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Baja Cuisine: Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Cabo San Lucas

surf castingIn sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you’ll find the all-inclusive Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort catering exclusively to adults. The resort features dining options at 37 area Pueblo Bonito restaurants and surprises you with special dining on-the-beach experiences. You can observe their chefs cooking fresh seafood and then savor the meal right on the beach with your toes in the sand.

chef making guacamole

Baja cuisine includes fresh ingredients.

All Inclusive – Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Style
Depending on where you stay, an all-inclusive resort can limit your options or offer exciting extra opportunities. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is one that adds those extra foodie experiences.

All-inclusive at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica covers all meals… breakfast, poolside snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks. They don’t limit the number of times guests can go to a particular restaurant or the number of plates you’d like to order. At Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, activities like the Hook and Cook, or chef-driven clam roasts on the beach, mixology sessions or cooking classes with their Executive Chef, are also included.

So, of course, it is some of those special experiences that remain in my mind as highlights of my Baja experience.

Baja Cuisine on the Beach

beachfron dining

Dining right on the beach is part of the fun.

This was my first venture to Baja California Sur, and an opportunity to discover what “Baja Cuisine” is all about.

Baja California is unlike mainland Mexico. It is separate with vast stretches of desert surrounded by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The climate of Baja California Sur is warm and has been compared to the Mediterranean.

The cooking focuses on fresh fish and locally grown ingredients and herbs. Usual Baja ingredients include: olive oil, basil, flour tortillas, chilies, cilantro, as well as seafood like fish, scallops clams and octopus. I was happy that the resort offers, hearty helpings of freshly made guacamole and avocado garnishes.

fresh smoothie

Who wouldn’t want a fresh berry smoothie on the beach?

Hook and Cook
Hook and Cook is one of two beachfront culinary experiences with a resort chef. Guests fish on the shore alongside the chef and use their fresh catch to create his signature mesa de ceviches.

ceviche cutting fish

The chef makes ceviche, raw fish ‘cooked’ with lime, on the beach.

It’s surprisingly easy to surf fish right on the beach. The beach ends rather quickly and the sea is deep in spots. You can’t swim there because of the depth and dangerous tides. So swinging a huge pole to cast bait into the ocean is fun. One guest even caught a tuna fishing from shore!

The day I went surf fishing, I didn’t catch anything. Fortunately, our chef had a backup plan. Out of the kitchen came fresh fish. The chef created the ceviche right before our eyes while we snacked on chips and guacamole (also prepared on site).

fresh ceviche

The ceviche is delicate and fresh.

With the ocean breeze and beach umbrellas providing comfort, we enjoyed watching every step of the preparation process. Our chef carefully prepared fresh guacamole… creamy, with a zingy hint of jalapenos and topped with fresh cilantro. He then carefully thin-sliced white fish for sashimi and ceviche.

When it was time to eat, we relaxed at a beautifully set table on the beach with the waves just steps away. I sat facing the ocean and watched others fish while I sampled the dishes. The fish was fresh and perfectly textured. It was late morning so they also served thick berry-based smoothies. As we enjoyed the feast, the waves lulled us into relaxation.


Guacamole was fresh and plentiful.

Beachfront Clam Roast

The evening clam roast is the chef’s other beachside creation. Using dry bushes, wood, iron, and stone, the chef roasts clams in the sand. Then the clams are dressed with a variety of vegetables, cold meats and fresh cheese, including handpicked rare local roots and cacti native to Baja.

We made our way down to the beach to a beautifully set table with crisp white napkins, china, and wine glasses shimmering in the light. We were also invited to sit around a fire on seats sculpted from the sandy beach and covered with traditional Mexican woven blankets. While there was a full bar, I enjoyed a refreshing Baja red wine.

roasting clams

The chefs roast clams right on the beach.

Some of us wandered over to see what the chef was doing. Clams, wrapped in foil, were being charred on bright, hot coals. When they were done, the chef dressed the clams with Mexican cheeses, herbs and tomato sauce.

We chatted under festive lights and wiggled our toes in the sand and enjoyed course after delicious course. The clams were flavorful and perfectly cooked. Each course was paired with local wines by the resort Sommelier.


Here’s a ‘dressed’ roasted clam. Yum!

The moon rose over the beach and the sea air refreshed us. It was a perfectly magical evening.

More to Experience

I was one of the first to check out the new section of the resort. Last December The Towers at Pacifica, a luxury resort-within-a-resort at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort, made its debut. The two new towers feature 47 guest rooms and suites with enhanced room amenities and 24-hour butler service. A third tower, which can be reached by sky-bridge, features Peninsula, a new beachfront restaurant featuring Baja cuisine. When I visited, the restaurant was just being completed but the location promises to be an amazing place to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. — By Elizabeth R Rose, RFT Contributor

new restaurant

Peninsula, the new restaurant, will feature Baja cuisine and oceanfront dining.


If You Go
The resort is 45 minutes from Los Cabos International Airport (SJD). Look for special resort offers on the Pueblo Bonito website and find out about the new Towers at Pacifica.

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