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Taqueria Jacarandas, Seatac, WA: Authentic Value

BurritoMany travelers out of Seattle’s SeaTac Airport, especially those with early morning flights, park themselves overnight at airport hotels along busy International Blvd. The problem? Where to eat. Recently, I spent the night at one of these hotels and the perused nearby food options offered by the hotel—Subway, Jack in the Box, a couple of pizza joints, teriyaki, and burger places, and a couple of Mexican options. After reading a few online reviews, I headed for Taqueria Jacarandas, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place less than a half-mile walk from my hotel.

Jacarandes Taqueria

Don’t be intimidated by the hole-in-the-wall appearance of this little taqueria.

Burrito 2

The burrito was huge with plenty of carnitas (little meats).

The décor at Taqueria Jacarandas was typical—walls painted lime green, small faux-wood tables, a TV in the corner turned to Univision, and a lighted menu with images of 25 or so plates, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the like. The service was fast and pleasant.

I chose the Super Burrito (choice of meat) with pork carnitas and Mexican rice and refried beans for $7.95, a bargain for supper in the Seattle area. The burrito was huge—a full 7 inches long and four inches wide—filled with big pieces of juicy pork, onions, beans, and (surprisingly) crunchy iceberg lettuce. The meat was tender and flavorful with smoky under tones and there was plenty of it compared to the other ingredients. I spiked it with green salsa (red was available too) and a bit of salt and it was satisfying and so filling that I took about a third of it back to my hotel.

The refried beans topped with cheddar were creamy and tasty. The rice was forgettable, but mixed with the beans, tasted pretty good.

refried beans

The rice was forgettable, but the refried beans creamy and flavorful.

Real Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an inexpensive and filling meal of authentic Mexican taqueria-style food in Seatac, Taqueria Jacarandas is a good choice. Don’t be put off by the location or the metal bars on the windows, the folks here are lovely and the food tasty and satisfying. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor taqueria sign


Taqueria Jacarandas
20034 International Blvd.
SeaTac, WA 98198
(206) 824-1263

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