Butter Once: Just in Time for Corn Cobs

Butter Once 2I’m not a big fan of kitchen gadgets that rarely get used and that end up clogging up kitchen drawers and cabinets. But when I spotted Butter Once Corn Butter Knife, I knew this was a clever tool I had to have.

Butter Once blade

The Butter Once has an ergonomic and is dishwasher-safe.

Butter Once is simple device for expertly and quickly buttering corn on the cob. It’s about six inches long with an ergonomic plastic handle that fits nicely in the hand. The magic, however, is in the slightly scooped stainless steel buttering paddle. It’s sharp enough to easily slice through butter and angled just right to cup the curved surface of the corncob. You simply slice of a bit of butter and press the Butter Once against the cob, running the knife along the cob. Voila! You’ve quickly got buttered corn with every kernel perfectly buttered.

Not only does Butter Once make buttering corn on the cob easy, it also uses way less butter than a regular knife. When I sliced off a bit of butter with the Butter Once and applied it with my to the cob I was surprised that, despite the fact that my corn was perfectly and thoroughly buttered, it used only half the butter. And that saves both fat and calories. And who doesn’t love that?

The Butter Once Corn Butter Knife is dishwasher safe and the makers, J + A Designs, guarantee satisfaction. Even better, the Butter Once retails for only $7.99.

Butter Once Butter Knife

The Butter Once completely butters the corn yet uses less butter.

We love this little tool and we’re sure it’ll be one that you’ll use throughout corn season. We know we will. Bring on summer and corn on the cob!– by Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor; Photos by Anne Weaver, RFT Editor

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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