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RV Superbag: Easy Comfort

RV SuperbagI never gave RV bedding a thought—until we purchased a smaller rig where we had to make up the bed each night. It became a nightly hassle and an every-morning tangle of blankets, sheets, and pillows. That is until we discovered the RV Superbag, a neat, clever, and efficient solution to RV bedding.

The RV Superbag combines the comfort and feel of traditional bedding with the ease and simplicity of a sleeping bag. Essentially it’s two sleeping bags zipped together. One side (summer weight) contains .5 oz. 100% polyester, non-allergenic fill; the other (winter weight) 1 ounce poly-fill. For those who frequent places where nights are in the 80s and higher, a tropical side (zero insulation) is also available.

Summer-winter superbag

RV Superbags come with summer and winter weight sides.

Now I’ve never been a big fan of sleeping bags. I tend to sleep hot and sleeping bags always felt narrow and constricting. I’d end up thrashing about too warm. So when the RV Superbag arrived neatly packaged in a plastic comforter bag, I approached it with healthy skepticism.

I ordered the standard Superbag with winter and summer sides. I also ordered an extra tropical half.

The removable RV Superbag sheets come in three thread counts: percale 60/40 poly/cotton 200 thread count (standard) or premium 350 thread count; or 100% Egyptian cotton 750 thread count. The sheets are made extra long and come with matching pillowcases. My order included the 350-thread count sheets as well as a matching stuff sack.

The Superbag Sleep System comes in single, queen, king, V-berth, and custom sizing. It’s also available in a variety of colors, including suede (tan), red, brown, sage, navy, grey, and black. For about $30 extra per side, you can also get several attractive prints. For those with rigs where you leave the bed made up, you can also order the Bedspread Sleep System. It has all the same features as a regular RV Superbag, but it looks like a standard bedspread with side skirts and pillow shams.

My RV Superbag order arrived just as we were pulling out of town, so we simply tossed the big plastic storage bag into the RV and we were off. Not knowing whether or not the Superbag’s 1 ounce of poly-fill would be warm enough on chilly spring nights, I tossed in an extra blanket too. However, I needn’t have bothered.

Getting the RV Superbag ready for sleeping.


When evening came I pulled out the RV Superbag. It’s tan on one side with an attractive dark and light green pattern on the inside. It came with a set of cream-colored sheets and pillowcases. Unlike sleeping bags, the fabric wasn’t slick and the bag didn’t slide off the leatherette cushions that make up my rig’s bed.

I laid out the Superbag on the bed and opened the zippers. The bag features heavy-duty nylon zippers on three sides that allow the Superbag to be completely unzipped into two halves (for washing). It took me a minute to figure out how to attach the sheets to the large Velcro strips on the sides of the bag, but once I did, the Superbag went together easily.

The RV Superbag sheets attach quickly to the bag with Velcro.

Since it felt chilly, the first night we slept with the winter weight side up (tags identify winter and summer sides). I slipped into the soft percale sheets and was impressed at how luxurious they felt. I was also amazed that the sheets fit neatly and weren’t all bunched up like when I’d make up the RV bed with regular sheets. The Superbag felt roomy and not at all like a sleeping bag.

My fears about being cold (or too hot) proved unfounded with the RV Superbag. I slept soundly and comfortably. Next time, I won’t need to bring an extra blanket. My partner slept warmer and simply unzipped one side of the bag. In the morning, we both woke well rested.

Previously, I’d found our RV’s multiple-cushion bed not especially comfortable. We were always searching for some type of pad to cushion the bed. In fact, I’d ordered a $150 mattress pad to go under the Superbag, but it didn’t arrive by the time we left on this journey. However, the RV Superbag’s cushioning was so good, we didn’t need extra cushioning. In fact, I’ll be returning that expensive mattress pad.

The RV Superbag, about the size of two pillows, stores easily in the stuff bag.

Putting the Superbag away was easy. It just folded up and slipped easily into the stuff sack. We stored the RV Superbag right on our folded up bed, but, if we’d wanted to store it on the floor or elsewhere, we could put it in the plastic carrying bag.

The following evening felt warmer so we flipped the Superbag and slept under the summer weight side. It proved just right and, again, we slept well.

Real Bottom Line: If you’re ready to stop the nightly hassle of making up your RV’s bed and coping with the tangle of sheets and blankets every morning, consider investing in an RV Superbag. I say investing because the RV Superbag isn’t inexpensive. (A king RV Superbag Sleep System with standard 200-tc sheets costs about $300.) That’s because the Superbag is well-designed and carefully hand crafted in the U.S.A. with top quality materials. It’s completely washable in most home washers and will last for many years.

Dennis Lynaugh, the owner of RV Superbags, is undeniably proud of the workers who make his product. He told us, “The ladies who sew our RV Superbags have been sewing for long time. They’re real craftspeople who take pride in what they produce. They’re also model citizens—mothers and grandmothers—who show up for work on time and work hard. They make an incredible bag.”

The RV Superbag (and author) ready for a great night’s sleep.

Well, Dennis, we agree. The RV Superbag has completely transformed sleeping in our RV. We don’t have to worry about schlepping multiple blankets and sheets or struggling to make up the bed every night. We don’t have to fold up all the bedding every morning. And we don’t wake to a scramble of sheets and blankets.

The RV Superbag is neat, comfortable, and so easy to use. Now, thanks to our RV Superbag, I look forward to climbing into bed in my RV and sleeping soundly. – by Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor; photos by Anne Weaver, RFT Editor


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