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Three Fun Grill Accessories

P8101964 2 Large - Three Fun Grill AccessoriesSummer isn’t over. In fact, in many parts of the world, summer’s grilling season extends well into fall. And we’ve found three cool grill accessories that’ll make your extended outdoor cooking easier and more fun.

Cave Man Tools Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes. When this strange-looking rack arrived, I wasn’t sure what to think. However, when I used it as directed to make beer can chicken, I became an instant fan. Cave Man Tools Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack is a clever tool that features a stainless steel drip rack with a beer can holder and spikes for roasting veggies. You simply fill the canister with your favorite brew (or other beverage like juice or stock) and place a whole chicken, butt side down, onto the canister. Pop the rack into the grill, barbeque, or oven and let it cook. Voila! You’ll get tender, delectably juicy chicken.

We filled our canister with Mexican beer and the chicken came out very moist and tasting slightly hoppy. Next time, we’d like to try orange juice or perhaps lemon juice.

P6251238 Large 400x300 - Three Fun Grill Accessories

The chicken stays succulent and moist on the Cave Man Beer Can roasting rack.

Cave Man’s Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack comes with an extra deep rack to catch all those juices. And they suggest cooking cut up veggies in the rack, which we did. The vegetables are naturally based by the chicken juices and come out deliciously moist and flavorful. There are also two spikes you can add for cooking four potatoes or corn on the cob. At less than $20, this one will make a great gift for the grill master in your family.

P8101971 Large 400x300 - Three Fun Grill Accessories

The powerful magnet for the cup holder easily holds condiments within easy reach during grilling.

Yukon Glory Magnetic Tools. From Yukon Glory, makers of grill and furniture covers and BBQ accessories, come two super-magnetic tools that are fun and useful: a magnetic cup holder and a magnetic paper towel holder. Both items feature super-strong magnets that enable you to simply attach the cup holder and paper towel holder right to the side of the grill, right where you need them.

Both are constructed of heavy duty, weatherproof stainless steel and, with the powerful magnetic fastener, they’re able to attach to any metal surface. The double cup pockets can hold two 16-ounce containers. They’re marketed as a place for the grill master to place his/her beverage while cooking, but we found the cup holders perfect for holding our BBQ sauces, and ‘que spray bottles.

P8101970 2 Large 300x400 - Three Fun Grill Accessories

The Yukon Glory magnetic paper towel holder keeps bulky towels handy without taking precious space.

The magnetic paper towel holder attaches either horizontally or vertically, which makes it perfectly convenient for holding paper towels during grilling. If you’re not into paper towels, you can always use the holder to drape a cloth grill rag or towel. Either way, it’s a super way to keep your grill area neat the tidy.

Both products come with a generous 5-year warranty.

— Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor, Photos Anne Weaver, RFT Editor

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