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Artful Bainbridge Island and Port Townsend, WA

Artful Bainbridge Island and Port Townsand WAWe are visiting the Seattle, Washington area and ferry across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island, a bucolic bit of green that’s home of Lone Pine Farm & Studio and a long-awaited and highly touted Pino’s pizza from Via Rosa — both are worth the wait. We’re here to check out the art scene and it’s one that’s worth the journey.

Art on the Farm
Our island adventure begins at Lone Pine’s working farm and “agri-cultural” artist’s residency. For modest room+board+farm labor, artists can make work and live simply. Ah. The collaborative energy of Lone Pine Farm really works, and the food is awesome, too.

Art on the Beach
We encounter artist Meghann Riepenhoff at the beach, busy creating her trademark “live” photographic prints that capture the vivid interaction of light and drifting tides. It’s pure magic.

Artful Bainbridge Island and Port Townsend.

See an impressive collection of the artist’s work in Seattle’s Chihuly Garden.

Art on the Mainland
We zip off-island to the Seattle Art Fair‘s sea of dealers, collectors, artists and 20,000+ visitors. We bump into old friend Namita Wiggers and marvel, “What are the chances? It’s a small world!” Not really. It’s an art fair, not Nascar.

Art in the Garden
Seattle’s Chihuly Garden showcases the prodigious talent of native son Dale Chihuly, whose shimmering glass twirls, cones, discs, and spheres take our breath away. Photos don’t do this work justice. Everyone should just get there.

Bainbridge Island and Port Townsand Washington, bridge

Bridges make getting from here to there a lot more interesting.

Art on the Bridge
After our posh weekend of “glamping” at Lone Pine, we cross several majestic, vertiginous bridges that look like art on our way to the quaint and quirky town of Port Townsend, WA. This end-of-the-road village on the Quimper Peninsula is a recognized Arts Community.

Art of Music
At Fort Worden, a former military base turned arts center, we catch the indomitable Maria Muldaur at a sprawling Blues Fest. She and her Garden of Joy Jug Band kick up a little dust and get the crowd rocking. We dig the evening’s moveable feast, Blues in the Clubs, savoring smooth, street-side jazz, at various clubs throughout the city.

Artful Bainbridge Island and Port Townsend WA

Eat fresh-as-can-be seafood in like this delicious fish and chips in Port Townsend.

Artful Fare
From its gritty waterfront to turreted Victorian homes, from farmer’s markets to lively pub scene, Port Townsend is a gem — and has the best fish & chips we’ve tasted anywhere.

We’ll also remember Port for our first taste of sweet Dungeness crab — oh my! We will never be the same.

Art of Bocce
We enjoy a serious round of backyard bocce with brother-from-another-mother, Jordy Pollack, childhood fratello from Wooster Square. We share a gooey memory of Pepe’s white clam pizza and flat, yellow beer.

Seattle Dungeness crab Port Townsend

Enjoying freshly-caught Dungeness crab is such a treat in Port Townsend!

Art of Artichokes
Our idyll ends with a homegrown feast – including artichokes! — at my RFT Editor’s terraced garden on Quinault Loop. We celebrate our new relationship with Dungeness crab and the Pacific Northwest. Delicious and gratifying — we will be back!—Story and photos by Libby Margolis-Pineo, RFT East Coast Editor



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