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Eagle Creek’s Pack-It® Cubes: Keeping It Organized

Eagle Creek cubesThe latest trend in packing for travelers is cubes, those zippered, nylon compartments for organizing underwear, shirts, pants, etc. Packing cubes helps utilize all your luggage space and makes important items easy to locate. They can also be used to keep tech accessories organized or your clean clothing items separate from dirty laundry. The problem is that may packing cubes are cheaply made with zippers that snag and material that soon frays and tears. Enter Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes that are extra sturdy and made for the long haul.

Eagle Creek Cube zipper

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter-Tech Cubes feature heavy duty, two-way zippers with pulls.

We field tested Eagle Creek’s Starter set of Pack-It Specter-Tech Cubes® . The set, which retails for $53.95, includes a Small Cube, Medium Cube and a Structured Cube for small and medium-sized apparel. The Small Cube, which is perfect for smaller items like underwear and socks, measures 4.25 x 9.75 x 3.25 in and holds an impressive 300 cu in (or 5 L). The Medium Cube, great for mid-sized apparel or even light jackets, measures 10 x 13.5 x 1.25 in and can carry 300 cu in (or 5 L). The Structured Medium Cube, something we’ve not encountered before, is a compression cube that’s perfect for delicate items such as button shirts, linens, blazers, that you don’t want wrinkled. The structured cube measures 10 x 13.5 x 3.25 in and can accommodate a whopping 730 cu in (or 12 L).

All of Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes are made of ultra-lightweight, translucent, 30D silicone-nylon rip-stop material. The material is not only tough, it’s water-repellent.

The zippers are another area where Eagle Creek has gone the extra mile to make their Pack-It Cubes sturdy. Unlike the light-weight zippers on most packing cubes, these Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter-Tech Cubes feature two-way, self-repairing zippers with climbing rope pulls. The Structured Cube not only features two plastic sheets to give the cube structure and help prevent wrinkling, there is also a compression zipper that compacts contents and maximizes space in your suitcase.

Eagle Creek handles

Handy reinforced handles make carrying Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes easy.

Another unique feature of Eagle Creek cubes is the reinforced webbed carry handles on each end of the cubes to make them easy to carry without ripping. We haven’t found these on any other packing cubes and they make carrying the cubes easy and convenient.

Real Bottom Line: Our editors are impressed with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter-Tech Cubes®. They’re made of tough, lightweight material that’s water resistant and will resist tearing. The self-repairing, two-way zippers are equally sturdy. We found packing with the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes easy and fast. And the Structured Cube’s compression feature not only kept our clothing items wrinkle-free, it gave us considerable more room in our suitcase. We’re going to purchase another of these starter sets and perhaps a few other sizes of Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes—and so should you.  –  Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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