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Two Cool Kitchen Tools

Viking Carving SetAt, our experts review plenty of kitchen tools and gadgets. We’ve found two useful tools you should put on your holiday list.

Viking 2 Piece Carving Set. We review lots of cutlery and, when the Viking 2 Piece Carving Set arrived, I thought “Oh, just another knife.” I was wrong. This carving set is one of those kitchen must-haves that make cooking easier.

Skilled cooks know that different types of knives are designed for different tasks. This carving set is made to make carving roasts and other meats a snap, which does it really well.

The Viking Professional 2 Piece Carving Set features a super heavy-duty meat fork with 7” tines. The tines and handle are made of one piece of German steel with a triple riveted handle that’s strong, ergonomic, and comfortable. Unlike many meat forks, this one can easily lift a heavy roast or fowl.

Viking 2 Piece Carving Set

The long tines of the fork and the stain and corrosion resistant high-alloy steel of the knife make this set a carver’s dream.

The knife, an impressive 8-incher made of high-alloy steel, is stain, corrosion and wear-resistant. Its 15-degree, laser-tested edge effortlessly slices through meat. Like the fork, the full tang construction means the knife and handle are made from one strong piece of metal with the ergonomic handle pinned to the sides. This makes for an exceptionally strong knife. The triple rivets on the handle give the knife good balance and will keep the comfortable, precision-machined handle in place.

We tested the Viking 2 Piece Carving Set on a lamb roast. We were impressed by several factors: 1) the sturdy fork easily held the roast in place; 2) the knife effortlessly sliced through the meat giving us uniform pieces; 3) the knife and fork are balanced and comfortable; and 4) the set’s heavy dusty construction will make this beautiful carving set last for a lifetime.

The Viking Professional 2 Piece Carving Set comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. You can purchase this Viking Carving Set at better kitchen retailers and oneline.

Chopped 5 Blade Tower Slicer

The Chopped 5 Blade Tower Slicer’s stainless steel blades spiralize, julienne, dice, and slice.

Chopped 5 Blade Tower Slicer. Multi-chop slicers have been around for years. Many of us remember those silly ads touting multi-slicers that were flimsy and didn’t really work well. The Chopped 5 Blade Tower Slicer is a new generation multi-slicer that really works and is worth adding to your kitchen tool chest.

This 5 blade multi-slicer carries the name from the “Chopped” television series, so you know it’s met some rigorous chef standards. It comes with a heavy duty, BPA-free plastic, non-skid chopping tower base. The five interchangeable stainless steel blades, which are razor sharp, spiralize, julienne, slice and dice. It comes with a medium dicer blade, a large dicer blade, a spiralizer blade, a julienne spiralizer blade, and a wedge blade. It also features a tool for pushing food items through, a large cup to catch the food, and a cleaning tool.

We used the Tower Slicer to make French fries using Russet potatoes. We were amazed at how quickly and easily it created uniform potato sticks, the perfect size for frying. Using whole, unpeeled oranges, the wedge blade made short work of creating perfect orange wedges.

Tower Slicer orange

The Tower Slicer made short work of creating perfect orange wedges.

Dishwasher safe, the Tower Slicer is easy to clean. The only caveat is that the Tower Slicer blades are so sharp, you need to be careful not to cut yourself when cleaning.

You can purchase the Chopped 5 Blade Tower Slicer at kitchen stores or at several online retailers.



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