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Women’s Bean Project: Sweet Biscuits and Jam

Women's Bean ProjectWho doesn’t love freshly baked biscuits and jam? Now you can make delectable biscuits with jam in your own kitchen in about 15 minutes while doing good for the community. Women’s Bean Project (WBP), a Denver, Colorado-based nonprofit, has created a line of biscuit and jam baking mixes that not only produces lovely biscuits and fresh jam, it also helps transform the lives of poor women and the lives of their families by giving them meaningful jobs.

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The Women’s Bean Project has created ready-to-make and bake biscuit and jam mixes.

Women’s Bean Project is a social program that believes all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. They hire women who have been chronically unemployed and put them to work making delicious products like biscuit baking mixes.

The project is unique in that the give women who have backgrounds ranging from organized crime to histories of incarceration and addiction a second chance at life. The results of giving these women jobs is impressive:

  • WBP boasts a 70% program graduation rate
  • 100% of graduates are placed in career-building entry-level jobs
  • 89% are still employed after one year of graduating
  • 41% obtained a GED/ESL Tutoring while employed at WBP
  • 53% obtained housing while employed at the Bean Project
  • 75% obtained health, vision and dental care while employed at WBP
Women's Bean Project mix

The Women’s Bean Project has created products that just require “add water” for biscuits and jam. editors samples WBP’s three biscuit and jam baking mixes: Sweet Biscuit with Red Berry Jam Mix; Sweet Biscuit with Cardamon Jam; and Sweet Biscuit with Blueberry Jam. All of them were delicious and amazingly simple to make.

Each mix requires only water. To make the jam, you pour a packet of dried fruit and spices into ¾ cup of water and heat, simmering for 4 minutes. Then pop it into the refrigerator to cool for 15 to 20 minutes. For the biscuits, you mix together the biscuit mix and ¾ cup of flour. Drop by equal measures onto a baking sheet and bake at 400F for 12-15 minutes.

Women's Bean Project

15 minutes from mix to warm biscuits and delicious jam.

The result is rustic drop biscuits with perfect texture. They’re sturdy enough to stand up to the jam and, because the biscuits aren’t overly sweet, the jam offers a lovely bit of sweet, fruity flavor.

We loved Women’s Bean Project Sweet Biscuit and Jam mixes. You can purchase them (and other food products) at the center’s retail store in Denver or online



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