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How Do Past Presidents Fly?

After a President passes on Air Force One to his succeeding administration, do you ever wonder how a family fresh out of the Oval Office accomplishes their air travel? Just in time for President’s Day, we wanted to know!

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From Jimmy Carter, who actually flew commercial to Trump’s inauguration, to George H.W. Bush who has paid $20,000 for a private jet flight, JetSmarter jet booking app has rounded up air travel tidbits of some of our former leaders, now that their White House days are over.

Barack Obama

President Obama basically has two options – he can either fly commercial, or could be transported by government aircraft. On special occasions, he could travel onboard the Presidential aircraft.

Jet Smarter Presidents Day Obama 1 320x400 - How Do Past Presidents Fly?

Jimmy Carter

The only president to fly commercial was Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn, from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. for President Trump’s inauguration. He chose to greet and shake every passenger’s hand on the plane. He made his way down each row with his familiar grin and was trailed by an attentive Secret Service agent. People were overjoyed and screaming “We love you Carter!”

Jet Smarter Presidents Day Carter 400x266 - How Do Past Presidents Fly?

George H.W. Bush

Before he was a president, he was a pilot. At the age of 18, Bush was at the time, the youngest pilot in the Navy. Nothing can compare to flying torpedo bombers off USS San Jacinto in 1943.  Bush has a love for flying and, for now, will enjoy a calmer trip on a private jet.

Jet Smarter Presidents Day Bush 1 400x294 - How Do Past Presidents Fly?

Bill Clinton

Bill and former First Lady Hillary Clinton have flown with the public while still keeping it totally private. Thanks to strict security concerns, the Clintons are insulated from the public from the moment they arrive at one airport to the time they leave the second one. And even when trapped in a metal tube in the sky with fellow passengers, there are few opportunities for public interaction.

Jet Smarter Presidents Day Clinton 400x266 - How Do Past Presidents Fly?


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