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rft-logo-tag-RGB-300dpi Our readers: People who visit (RFT) are passionate about both food and travel. They have the interest, the time, and the money to indulge in both of these passions. They’re looking for authentic travel experiences, including exploring artisan and regional foods, restaurants and other food purveyors, tours, festivals, and accommodations that genuinely reflect the places that they visit. They are also keen to read stories about destinations, our recommendations for travel gear and cooking equipment, and our reviews of the latest cookbooks and travel books.

Since our initial launch in 2009, has attracted a loyal following and our influence continues to grow. We’ve been mentioned in publications like the Oregonian (state’s largest newspaper), MotorHome magazine (the largest RV magazine in the United States), Home & Away (AAA), Northwest Travel magazine, and Harbors magazine, among others. Recent analysis shows that gets more than a half million unsolicited, unpaid “impressions” on the web. Google Analytics show that 2,400 websites link back to Our readers log on more than 2,000 times per week and we’re now drawing more than 300,000 visitors annually.  The site garners more than 340,000 internet impressions each month. That’s a lot of exposure to readers who love travel and food who have both the means and the interest to experience both.

In 2014, we underwent a complete makeover to ensure the site is intuitive, easy-to-navigate and search and that it offers all the latest links and technology for a gratifying and fun user experience. In 2015, we were awarded Best Website 2015 by the Society of American Travel Writers (Western Chapter), the largest professional travel writers association in the world.

Great Storytelling/Photos. We still feature great stories written by top-level writers and large, luscious photographs. In fact, several of our contributors, including RFT Ski & Dive Editor Yvette Cardozo and RFT Editor-in-Chief Bobbie Hasselbring have both won prestigious Northern Lights Awards and awards from SATW, the largest travel writer organization in the world, for their stories. And unlike print publications where today’s headlines become tomorrow’s birdcage liner, stories are perpetual. With our easy-to-navigate categories or using our powerful search function, our readers can access and read stories again and again. That means readers will continue to see your ads.

Increasingly, companies, travel marketers, and public relations firms see as the expert in culinary travel. They are seeking out RFT writers and editors to write about the products, services, places, and destinations they represent. Our expert panels are busy testing and evaluating travel products from companies like LL Bean, Travel Smith, Black Diamond, Eagle Creek, Tilley Endurables, Bollé, Ventev, Patagonia, and many more. We’ve partnered with firms like IMUSA, Cookina, T-Fal, Wearever, KitchenAid, and others to sample, test, and write about their products.

The Best Accommodations/Places to Eat. Our writers and editors are staying in hotels like the Fairmont, the Waldorf-Astoria, Pan Pacific, Glen Eagles, Pacific Rim, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Omni, and others to evaluate their accommodations and service for our readers. We’re traveling around the world and dining at well-known restaurants like Chef Mavro and Morimoto Waikiki in Hawaii, Seven Glaciers in Alaska, the Painted Boat Resort in British Columbia and lesser-known culinary gems like Tracy’s Crab Shack in Juneau and the Halfway House in Brinnon, Washington. Working together, we’re bringing readers the best in culinary travel and travel and food-related products and services. And that keeps our readers engaged and coming back.

In addition, we’ve increased our social media presence. Our stories and posts are blasted out via Facebook and Twitter. Our SEO experts post dozens of our Pinterest account.

Targeted marketing: Advertising on enables you to reach a very specific, targeted market. We don’t write about anything unrelated to our mission: to bring our readers the very best in authentic travel and regional and artisan foods worldwide. That’s our commitment to our readers and to you as advertisers.

We endeavor to keep advertising costs affordable and effective for our advertisers. We believe in keeping our advertising programs simple and easy-to-use.

We have two opportunities for advertisers: Display Ads and Advertorial. Display ads feature an image, your name and logo and other pertinent information.

Advertorial are sponsored stories written about an advertiser and appear in the appropriate content category along with regular editorial.

We have three ways for your display ads to appear on

  • On the homepage
  • On a category landing page
  • Within specific story or recipe

We keep it simple by offering two sizes of diaplay ads:

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300X600 rectangle  image001










Homepage Advertising
This is a limited opportunity as we only have room for 2-3 ads on the homepage at a time. Since most of our visitors land on the homepage first, you’ll be guaranteed great exposure by advertising here.

Your 300 x 300 pixel square ad will appear on the right-hand sidebar column of the homepage. Your ad will link to your website. Only $70/month.

We have space on the homepage for only one large 300X600 display ad. Your 300 X 600 rectangular ad will give you twice the space and twice the bang for your buck and will link to your website. We guarantee this larger ad will be featured on the uppermost position on the homepage for $190/month.

Content Landing Pages Advertising
Content Categories are the main menu buttons across the top of each page and their drop-down sub menus. These are landing pages for each category. For instance, if you’re a restaurant, you’ll get good exposure by advertising on the Great Places to Eat Landing Page. Each time a reader looks for one of our restaurant reviews, your ad will be there front and center.

Your choices for major content landing pages include:

  • Real Food & Drink (includes categories Real Food Finds; Great Places to Eat; Wine, Brews& Spirits; and Real Foodie People)
  • Real Travel (includes the following Destinations (U.S.; Canada; Mexico, Central/S. America; Europe; Asia; Africa/Middle East, ); Great Places to Stay; and Savvy Travel Advice
  • Real Shopping (includes Travel Gear; Cookware & Gadgets; Cookbooks & Travel Books; and Tours & Classes)
  • Real Recipes (includes Starters, Breads, Main Dishes, Sides, Sweets, Drinks)

Display ads that appear in the major content categories cost $45/month.

You can also drill down and advertise on a specific page. Oftentimes those who have had stories or reviews written about their business, product, or destination will want to advertise on the page where that story occurs. For instance, a restaurant or product manufacturer who has been reviewed by our expert reviewers might get an extra boost by placing a display ad on that same page. Or for even greater impact, you can advertise on the main category landing page and sub-categories.

Displays appearing in sub-categories cost $40/month.


rft-recommendedAdditionally, businesses or destinations that we have written about and who choose to advertise get a special ‘Recommended by RFT’ icon on their review. There is no extra charge for the icon.

We offer a limited number of advertorial “stories” that appear in the appropriate category. (For instance, a story on a travel opportunity or service would appear in the travel section. A food-related story would appear in the most logical food category.)

These advertorials can be written by the advertiser or we can provide assistance. Cost for an Advertorial is $250, plus $30 per month for a minimum of six months.


Have need for a short-term advertising for an event or other limited-time item? No problem. We offer short-term opportunities too for display, advertorial and social media blast opportunities. Just contact us.


There are two unique opportunities for businesses to sponsor/partner with Benefits include:

  • A one-of-a-kind ad (either 345×170 pixel or the larger 710x 170 pixel) right in the middle of the home page.
  • Social Media Blasts on RFT’s FB, Twitter, and Pinterest channels.
  • Featured stories with links to business’ website.
  • Interlinks between all stories about the business/product.
  • rft-recommended “RFT Recommended” icon on all stories.



Digital Requirements for all Ads:
You provide the digital ad file and link to your website. Ads must be created at 72 dpi in either static or animated .gif files or static .jpg files. All files must be RGB, not CMYK.

Display Ads
File Size: 40 K maximum.
File Format: JPG or GIF files accepted.
Resolution: 72 dpi
Linking the ad to your website: Please provide the target web address for your ad in a separate text file.

• Advertising agreements are for a minimum of 6 months*. (* Contact us if you have short-term advertising needs such as an upcoming event. We may be able to accommodate on a space-available basis.)
• All advertising contracts start at the first of the month.
• Payment via PayPal, credit card through PayPal, or check.
• We reserve the right to reject any ads that we deem inappropriate, offensive, of low quality, or off-target for our readership.
• All ads must be paid in full before they will be posted.


For more information or to schedule advertising, email us.