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Real Full Disclosure

Some questions you may have:

Q: Do cruise lines, hotels, companies, destinations, etc. ever pay us to write specific articles?
A: Never.
Q: Do outside sources ever dictate what we write?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Do companies ever ask realfoodtraveler to remove stories that they may not like from the web site?
A: It’s never happened and, if it did, we would not.
Q. If a company buys you a meal or lets you stay in its hotel, won’t that influence your review or article?
A. No. Comps or discounts are standard practice in the industry and make it possible for us to do business and bring you the stories and reviews that are on realfoodtraveler. We do not owe any company a positive review or any story whatsoever. We pride ourselves on our professional objectivity and our commitment to bringing our readers fair and honest reviews and stories. policy regarding the December 1, 2009 the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) amended disclosure requirement related to advertising, endorsements and compensation impacting blogs, social media and web as follows:

Compensation may receive affiliate commissions, pay per click (PPC) and advertising revenue from various companies, retailers, wholesalers, affiliate networks and individuals. In addition, may engage in other activities with third parties for which it receives compensation. nor any of its editors or contributors accept cash compensation to author to review a company, product or service. Products submitted for review that have a suggested retail value of under $25 may be kept after the review is completed. Products provided for review over that amount may be destroyed during the review process, returned at the conclusion of the review, donated, or utilized as a promotional giveaway.

Occasionally, or its contributing writers will receive complimentary (or discounted) admission to an attraction, a complimentary meal, complimentary lodging, or other complimentary travel arrangements (“comps”) with the anticipation that a review will be written or the company or attraction will be mentioned on our site. Realfoodtraveler does not guarantee that a review will actually be published nor that the company providing the comp will be included in any publication. Our opinions are never influenced in any way and does not promise a favorable review in exchange for any comps from any company, at any time.

Realfoodtraveler often publishes links to external third party sites where a product or service is sold to the consumer. In some instances, may receive compensation each time a visitor 1) clicks on the link, or 2) each time the visitor makes a purchase after clicking on the link (and for a certain time after such click) or 3) views an advertisement.

Occasionally, we’re approached by advertisers who want to post on We carefully evaluate which of these businesses might be appropriate for and which have messages that are relevant to our readers. So that you’re never confused about editorial versus advertorial, we designate these posts with the words “Contributed post.”

Our Commitment

At we engage in only the highest ethical business practices and pride ourselves on our integrity.
Realfoodtraveler will make the best effort to disclose known relationships with third parties that it receives compensation from when writing about those parties on its websites, in its blog, or in social media channels.

Hotels, cruise lines, destinations, product companies, tour companies, etc. do support Advertisements for which compensation is received will be clearly labeled as such. If we list links to any charitable organizations, they will never produce any income or revenue for realfoodtraveler or any other third party, and will exist on the website solely for the purpose of raising funds for and awareness about the charitable organizations they represent.

To satisfy the FTC disclosure, visitors should presume all other third party links may generate affiliate or other revenue for realfoodtraveler, even though that may not be the case.

Realfoodtraveler may also participate in print media for which this FTC Disclosure Policy does not apply. However, our commitment to realfoodtraveler’s integrity and ethical business practices always applies.

How to Contact Us

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