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Your Driver’s License May Not Allow You to Fly

Your state DL may not be enough to get on a plane.

Light Timer

Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Keep your home and valuables safe this holiday season.

Oysters Baking

Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival, Port Angeles, WA

Come for the Food, Stay for the Fun!

Airport dining

The Future of Dining: Tablets Instead of Talk

Will technology rob dining of its joy and human connection?


Financial Tips for Travelers

A little advance planning will keep your money safe while traveling.

Delta Airlines banning animal part "trophies" is a major roadblock for big game hunters and a victory for preserving animals.

Delta Airlines Bans “Trophies”

Delta Airlines bans animal "trophies."


How to Avoid Two New (and Vexing) Travel Fees

Kiplinger's experts tell you how to avoid those "extra" travel fees.

Oregon strawberries are rich and delicious

Frakenfood vs Real Food

California's Frankenberries don't measure up.

While airline safety videos are important, few of us watch them.

Can I Keep My Identity Safe While I Travel?

Don't fall victim to identity theft when you travel.


Carla Waldemar Wins for RFT Story

RFT veteran contributor Carla Waldemar wins award for Russia story. editor Bobbie Hasselbring enjoys lobster at the Maine Lobster Festival

RFT Editor Wins Best Website Award!

RFT Editor and website honored.

Airline Virgin America (1280x853)

Making Airline Safety Cool

Airlines are starting to make safety videos fun and entertaining.