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Get Ready for Winter in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Mark your calendars to explore winter in Fairbanks this year.


How To Book the Cheapest Flight

$ave money on your next flight. Here are 15 ways.

lavender field

Cooking with Lavender: The Essence of Sequim, WA

In sunny Sequim, lavender is king in the kitchen.

steak medium rare

10 Grilling Mistakes to Never Make

Master the art of grilling by avoiding common mistakes.

hydrangea flower

Summer Schedule for RFT

Site goes on summer schedule

Hasselbring Awards

Triple Wins for RFT Editors and Website

Editors and website bring home more honors.

Airplane United 2

Ruminations from Seat 33D

Our Editor talks "potty seats" on planes.

Suzanne's awards

Food History Editor Suzanne Corbett’s RFT Stories Honored

RFT stories win Suzanne Corbett honors.

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Online Security Tips for Travelers

Use these easy-does-it security tips to avoid internet fraud.

mussels and rice

Penn Cove Mussel Fest: Whidbey Island’s Musselicious Event

Whidbey Island's Penn Cove Mussel Fest offers delicious fun.

Libby Margolis Pineo

New East Coast Editor for RFT

Libby Margolis-Pineo, an East Coast food and travel expert, is RFT's new East Coast Editor.

Airplane taxi

Save $ on Food While Traveling

Traveling doesn't have to mean spending beaucoup bucks on food.