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RFT Editor Yvette Cardozo Wins Gold

Yvette Cardozo, RFT Ski Editor, Powder Stagecoach.’s Ski & Dive Editor and lover of all things delicious, Yvette Cardozo, has brought home the bacon, so to speak, from the Canadian Tourism Commission by winning First Place for Online Culinary Writing in the prestigious Northern Lights Awards. When she’s not shushing down a ski hill or diving to deep depths, Yvette can be found searching out great eats for readers. Yvette is a veteran travel journalist who has been writing for Read More

RFT Vegan/Vegetarian Editor Publishes Book

GymYoga_Artwork’s wonderful Vegan/Vegetarian Editor, Teresa Bergen, isn’t just an expert on veggie eating, she’s an accomplished yoga and fitness teacher and she’s just published a new book,  Meditations for Gym Yogis: An Easy Intro to Yoga Philosophy. RFT Vegan/Vegetarian Editor Teresa Bergen is also a yoga expert and teacher. Anyone who has practiced the stretching and strengthening poses of yoga knows that the regular practice of yoga can help you be more strong and flexible. For... Read More

Virgin America: Free Gourmet Ice Cream and New Menu


Editor’s Note: Airline food has a notoriously bad reputation. So when we heard that Virgin America, the airline famous for doing things differently, had created some seriously gourmet ice cream for everyone and a new, uber-fresh menu (for first class passengers), we just had to spread the news. – BH Ever on the hunt for something new, Virgin America held a contest in February to choose its signature ice cream. Not your daddy’s rocky road, but three unique creations by San Francisco ice cream... Read More

Mitzil’s Mexican Launch Party Sat. Mar. 1 3-5 pm

Green Salsa

Mitzil Mexican Eatery, in Oregon City, Oregon, is having a free party with food, music and fun this Saturday, March 1, 3-5 pm, to launch their new line of bottled salsas, sauces, and spices. This modest little bistro serves up some of the freshest, from-scratch Mexican dishes using long-time family recipes.  In our opinion, Mitzil is one of the best restaurants in the Portland area. Located in the little town of Oregon City, less than 20 miles south of the city, Mitzil has been serving up authentic... Read More

Miro and More at Seattle Art Museum

Miro head_bird_AS08589 (1280x943)

There are museums and then there are great museums…Washington’s Seattle Art Museum (affectionately called SAM) is one of those wonderful institutions that elevates art to a whole new level. They recently treated us to a sneak preview of the season’s upcoming events, which include a Miro Exhibition that’s not to miss. Miro’s Woman Bird Star will be part of SAM’s new exhibition. SAM’s three branches have stellar programs on tap for the upcoming year. Anyone who has not visited... Read More

FoodWorx Conference, Feb. 4, Portland, OR

Vietnam vegetable seller

Attention Foodies: FoodWorx is coming to Portland, Oregon, Feb. 4., 2014. The second annual conference where foodies of all stripes discuss the many aspects of food, including food access, social justice, and the environmental effects of growing and processing our food is almost here. Whether you’re an entrepreneur interested in making contacts in the food world, an activist who wants to make food justice a reality, or simply a foodie who loves good food, the one-day FoodWorx Conference is for... Read More

Resolutions for Real Travelers


It’s that time of year when we make those New Year’s promises that most of us fail to keep (80-90% of us according to studies). Instead of making those not-so-fun resolutions to lose weight, save more money, and eat healthier, how about considering some easy, travel-related resolutions that’ll help you travel more and have more memorable experiences? Here are a few ideas: Don’t put it off. Often, people say they’re going to travel when they have more money or more time o travel when they... Read More

Jimella Lucas: Celebrating a Culinary Legend (1943-2013)

Jimella Lucas smiling

Long-time celebrated chef Jimella Lucas taught me to love oysters. She baked up the bivalves that were only a few hours out of Willapa Bay with butter, lemon, house made breadcrumbs, and a sprinkling of Parmesan, letting them cook in their own liquor. At first bite, I was captivated by the soft, creamy, briny essence. It’s a dish I dream about and one I will never again enjoy from the hand of this legendary chef. Jimella Lucas, one of the best, if not THE best chef the Northwest has ever seen,... Read More

Happy Birthday Andina!

andina buffet AlysonLevy

Photo courtesy Alyson Levy Photography Pisco sours, Peruvian chicken skewers, empanadas, smiles, and thanks–happy birthday Andina. It was the 10th Anniversary Bash at Andina, Portland, Oregon’s iconic Peruvian restaurant. On a night dedicated to appreciation, the proprietors and staff of Andina, Portland’s own outpost of Peruvian cuisine, provided a memorable experience for a diverse crowd of food enthusiasts. As hard as it might be for those of us who have for some time enjoyed its unique... Read More

United Airlines Steps Up

United Airlines Lasse Fuss

Photo Lasse Fuss You know how chaotic it can be at the last minute before take-off when everyone is stuffing bags into the plane’s overhead bins. In an effort to avoid the now-ubiquitous baggage fees, people tend to cram too-large suitcases, jackets, and all manner of stuff into those small overheads. That was the scene recently as I boarded a United Airlines plane out of Washington, D.C., heading home from Montreal. Suddenly, there was a cry and a collective gasp. The airline employee who’d... Read More

What Happened to Silence?


As a travel writer, I travel for work and spend a lot of time in transit—hanging out in airports, waiting in cafes, riding in buses, etc. I usually use this “down time” as writing time. I always travel with my netbook so I simply plug in or go on battery power and catch up on the many stories I have pending. It’s often really productive time. However, I find it increasingly difficult to find some quiet space in which to work. I blame the ubiquitous use of cell phones. While cell phone technology... Read More

Harvest on the Harbor, October 23-27, 2013, Portland, Maine

tugs and sunset Portland, Maine

Chef vs. Chef: Natalie’s Top Chefs Compete for Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Oh boy. Two “top chefs” from the same awesome kitchen, Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn, will compete for Maine Lobster Chef of the Year at Harvest on the Harbor here in Portland, Maine. I want a front row seat on Thursday, October 24, as Executive Chef Jon Gaboric and Line Chef Chris Long face off against each other for the coveted title. Chef Long will prepare his butter-poached Maine lobster with grilled lobster... Read More