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Category: Northwest

Jake’s Famous Crawfish, Portland, OR

Jake’s, as it’s called by locals, is an institution that’s fed the powerful, the rich and famous, and the common man (and woman)...

Ruby Jewel’s Scoops, Portland, OR

You can smell the freshly-made waffle cones before you ever see Ruby Jewel’s new storefront ice cream shop in the Mississippi...

Calamity Jane’s Hamburger Parlour

Calamity Jane's — big hamburgers, big malts and milkshakes, big orders of fries, big frosty mugs of soda and beer, and the biggest —and...

KOA, Madras, Oregon, USA

We’re not usually big fans of KOA campgrounds. Often, they’re too slick, too busy, and too expensive to appeal to our RFT editors. The...

Three Island Crossing State Park, Idaho, USA

Three Island State Park a great spot to stop your RV or trailer and it's got a great history. Located on the Snake River at Glenns Ferry,...