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New Mexico offers delicious locally sourced food.

Jim and John worms IMG 4332.316152738 std 400x255 - The Salsa Twins: John and Jim Thomas

The Salsa Twins: John and Jim Thomas

John and Jim Thomas, aka “the salsa twins,” are the Smothers Brothers of New Mexican cuisine.

Jane Rolling out sopaipillas 4358.316113202 stdcrop 400x255 - Queen of Southwestern Cooking: Jane Butel

Queen of Southwestern Cooking: Jane Butel

Jane Butel could make sopaipillas in her sleep. The delicate pillows of fried dough are the doughnut of the Southwest and Jane’s made a...

Hidden Valley.330180233 std 400x255 - Vernon's Hidden Valley Steakhouse

Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse

Walk to the back of the Los Ranchos Liquor Store and turn right. There’s a heavy metal door with a small grated opening. Knock and wait...