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Bread Pudding with Sautéed Pears Recipe

BreadPudding with Sautéed Pears (1280x853)

Chef Gisele Perez shares her classic bread pudding with sauteed pears recipe.

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Apple Turnover Recipe

WearEver Apple Turnover

Make these light and easy apple turnovers for your family.

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Nutty Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin cookies

“Little People, Big World” TV star Amy Roloff shares her delicious pumpkin cookie recipe.

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Pistachio Chewy Chocolate Bites Recipe

Pistachio Chocolate bites recipe

Chefs from SporkFoods.com share their healthy pistachio chewy chocolate bites recipe.

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Apple Turnover Recipe

Wearever Apple turnover

Recipe for flaky apple turnovers.

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ANZAC Tea Parlour Cream Scone Recipe

ANZAC cream scones

Try this creamy, fine-texture scone recipe.

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ANZAC “Biscuits” (Cookie) Recipe

ANZAC biscuits

Chewy, oatmeal cookie recipe with a cool history.

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Searching for Fresh Peach Pie in Georgia

Peach pie

Debi Lander seeks out and finds Georgia Peach Pie.

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Spicy Ginger Cookie Recipe from Taku Glacier Lodge

Ginger cookies Taku Lodge

Our friends at Taku Glacier Lodge in Juneau, Alaska, share this spicy ginger cookie recipe.

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Caramel Rum Sauce Recipe from the Rocky Mountaineer

silky, luxurious caramel rum sauce from Rocky Mountaineer Rail

Silky with deep notes of butter and brown sugar, this caramel rum sauce recipe is terrific.

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Peanut Brittle Recipe: Easy and Delicious

Peanut brittle

Here’s an easy-does-it recipe for making delicious and crunchy peanut brittle.

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Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Recipe

Macroons Zingerman's BakeHouse, Ann Arbor, MI

Zingerman’s Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, shares their coveted Chocolate Coconut Macaroon recipe with us and it’s a winner.

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