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Local Fare in Singapore’s Heartland

Yong tau foo cropped (1224x1228)

World travelers Jeff and Dawn Thomas explore Southeast Asian treats in Singapore.

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Bali Cooking Class Teaches Culture

John Scott forming Satays, Bali

Our Asian expert, Sandra Scott, journeys to Bali.

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Nine Must-Try Snacks at a Taiwanese Night Market

Squid grilling over an open fire in Taiwan market

One of our newest contributors, Dan and Casey Siemasko, bring back tastes from Taiwan’s largest night market.

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Cambodia for Foodies: Fun, Delicious, and Cheap

Cambodia young girl with sticky rice

RFT’s Ski & Dive Editor, Yvette Cardozo, braves the sweaty heat of Cambodia to bring back culinary tales.

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Philippine Culinary Adventure

Philipine kiping leaves

Asian loving RFT Contributor Sandra Scott brings back a story of her culinary adventure in the Philippines.

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Breakfast at Traders, Yangon, Myanmar

Traders Hotel, Myanmar, noodle soup fizings

RFT Contributor Sandra Scott loves Myanmar and travels with husband, John, to taste what’s for breakfast at Trader’s Hotel.

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Saipan: Ceviche, Tropical Sun, and War Memorials

Saipan Beach at the Hyatt Regency

Saipan is a delicious mix of tropical sun, memorials to WWII, and delectable food.

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Vietnam in the Slow Lane

Vietnam boat woman

Our new Ski Editor Yvette Cardozo takes off her skis (it is spring) and brings us a SLOW report from Vietnam.

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Adventures in Palau


Getting close to the culture of Palau means experiencing taro.

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Making Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Chef Wah demonstrates how to pinch the dim sum dumplings closed.

Uniquely Chinese, dim sum consists of a variety of dumplings, steamed dishes, and other items often served in individual bamboo streamers. They are similar to hors d’oeuvres, but when several are ordered they make a wonderful meal.

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Scenes of Vietnam


Recently, award winning photographer and travel writer Yvette Cardozo traveled to Vietnam and captured these stunning photos.

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Weasel Coffee


Weasel gut coffee. Yum. Yes, really from a weasel. Eaten, digested and, well, you know….. And yes, really, really yum. It is thick, rich, and has a hint of chocolate flavor.

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