European Travel

There may be no place on earth like Europe where you can travel such small distances to get such great diversity of food, culture, and geography.

With the advent of the European Union and a universal European money system, travel between European countries has never been easier. You sail through country borders without a hitch. You can buy Russian vareniki (dumplings), Italian gelato (ice cream), and Swedish kryddkaka (spice cake), all with the same euros. Yet, you’ll find so many foods, histories, cultures, and scenic wonders that are so different, it will take you years to explore them all. In this section, we try to give you just a sampling.

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A Foodie’s Guide to European Markets

Mercat Santa Caterina, Barcelona

Our gallivanting correspondent, Jackie Smith, brings us the best of European food markets.

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Marseille’s True Bouillabaisse

Le Miramar, France

France-loving Marilyn McFarlane savors true Marseille Bouillabaisse.

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Greece: A Honey of a Destination

honey drenched orange cake Greece

Our intrepid traveler, Jackie Smith, savors artisan honey in Greece.

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Norwegian Food: Isn’t It Good

Platter of succulent lobster, shrimp, scallops from cold Norwegian waters

Norwegian-American journalist Christopher Hall explores Norway’s renewed devotion to its culinary heritage.

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Bologna, Italy: A Mouth-watering Adventure Through the Ages

Bologna Old Market, Italy

Travel journalist Jackie Smith and her husband journey to Bologna, Italy, to bring you a tasty adventure.

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Delicious Discoveries in the Heart of Spain

Spanish old town Maestrazgo fiesta 1929

Our Spain correspondent, Lindsay Milich, brings us the delights of the beautiful and rural Maestrazgo region of Spain.

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Israel Food: Unexpected Goodness


Food is not exactly what you think of when you envision a trip to Israel. But Yvette Cardozo nibbled, chewed and ate her way across this vest pocket country.

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Umbria: Slow Wine (and Food) at a Fast Pace

The Duomo Orvieto horz

Italy’s Orvieto offers travelers terrific local wine and foods all in a beautiful and historic setting.

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A Taste of Santorini

If you have the opportunity, try some of Santorini's homemade wines.

Our RFT correspondent was worried that the popular Greek isle of Santorini would offer little mystery or surprise. She was happily wrong.

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Cruising Norway: Wonderfully Surprising


The guide stands with an ax in his hands. He takes a swing at a log on the chopping block. Only it’s not a log. It’s dried fish, the basis of Norway’s food chain.

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Foods from Spain You’ll Love


Spain is known for its seafood. This tapa, white fish in garlic sauce served with potatoes, is a typical dish you can find in tapas bars.

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Chocolate Museum, Barcelona, Spain


In Barcelona, a city jam packed with museums filled with history, art, erotica, and even shoes, it is not surprising to find one devoted to chocolate, Museu de la Xocolata.

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