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We love great travel gear — those items that make traveling easier and more pleasurable! If you know of travel items that we should share with our readers, please email us.

NOTE: When you see the words Real Test, it means that RFT editors or RFT contributors have purposely taken a product out and tested it under tough, real-world travel conditions. Those products that make it through our Real Tests are given full reviews and our unbiased and honest recommendations. If you're a vendor and want us to test and review your products, please email our editors.

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Black Diamond Z-Trekking Poles: Travel Perfect

Blk Diamond poles lodge

Our editors field test Black Diamond trekking poles.

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Tilley Endurables Women’s Waterproof Jacket: Versatile Travel Jacket

Tilley waterproof jkt visitors center Exit glacier

RFT Editor stays dry with Tilley Endurables waterproof jacket.

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Tilley Airflow with Insect Shield: Beats the Bugs

Tilley Endurables with Insect Shield

Tilley Endurables Airflow with Insect Shield versus Alaska mosquitoes..

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Obermeyer: Ski Clothes for Real Women

Yvette Cardozo

Our Ski & Dive Editor, Yvette Cardozo, finally finds ski pants for real women.

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Patagonia’s Light, Packable, Waterproof Rain Shadow Jacket: It’s More than a Rain Coat

Rowing in the Arctic Patagonia Jacket.

Patagonia’s Women’s Rain Shadow Jacket stands up to tough tests in the Colorado Rockies, in Canada’s Kootenays, and even in the Arctic. Read our review.

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The Brave New World of Travel Underwear (and More)


The package label says “Seventeen countries, six weeks, one pair of underwear.” Ick? Not really.

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Serengeti Cielo: Seeing the World in a Whole New Way


Bollé, the makers of Bushnell binoculars, has long been known for making quality sunglasses. With the Serengeti Sport™,they’ve eyewear to a whole new and wonderful level. In the bright, glaring sunlight of Louisiana bayous, the Cielo sunglasses darkened. In the Pacific Northwest’s lighter, gray skies, the lenses lighten up.

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High Sierra Elevate 101: Rugged, Roomy, Lightweight


High Sierra asked RFT to put their Elevate EL101 25-inch bag through a REAL TEST™. This bag, made with a high-density internal foam structure, is sleek looking and incredibly lightweight. RFT contributor, Lana Mulder, recently put the Elevate 101 through its paces on a cross country trip.

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Grab Guard: Just in Case…


Have you ever been a victim of a thief grabbing your purse while you were putting your groceries in your car? Or you’re waiting for a plane and you get up to throw something in the garbage and your carry-on bag is gone?

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Summer Sun: Tilley Hats to the Rescue


I admit it, I’m not much of a sun person. My half-German heritage gives me fair skin and that means painful sunburns. For a trip to the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula, I knew I’d need a good sun hat.

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Tilley’s Summer Hemp

tilley hat

If you are looking for a new hat for summer or for your tropical travels, check out Tilley Endurables’ new TH10 Women’s Hemp Hat.

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Tilley Tec-Wool Hat: Lightweight Warmth


Health authorities tell us that we lose as much as 80% of our heat out of our heads. When I traveled in February to the Yukon Territory where temperatures routines drop to -20° F. or lower.

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