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Ergo Chef Knives: Easier, More Comfortable Cutting

Ergonomic knife made with German high carbon stainless steel from Ergo ChefI’ve got a new favorite kitchen tool: the Ergo Chef G1-8”chef knife. At, we test a lot of kitchen products, including knives, but Ergo Chef knives are truly different. They’re made with an ergonomic handle that’s incredibly comfortable and reduces strain on your hands and wrist. Not only is this a beautiful looking knife, it’s made from a single piece of razor sharp German-engineered high carbon steel that produces less drag and slices and dices through food like a dream.

Ergo Chef was created by Scott Staib, a former chef who was on the fast-track for culinary stardom. But the endless cutting and chopping required in commercial kitchens sidelined him with tendinitis and carpal tunnel. Realizing he wasn’t the only chef to suffer from wrist problems, he asked his engineering brother, Mike, to help him find a solution. They studied how a knife fits in the hand, how the hand and wrist moves during cutting and chopping and together they invented Ergo Chef Knives to be an extension of the chef’s hand.

8 inch Ergo Chef Knife is balanced

Balance and precision are both important in a good knife and this Ergo Chef Knife has both.

Within three weeks of using his newly-designed ergonomic knives, Chef Staib’s persistent tendinitis and carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared. He knew he was onto something and Ergo Chef was born.

I tested the 8” New Crimson SH (Straight Handle) Chef Knife. It’s designed with a comfort handle and it’s stunning—a wood grain look that’s made from G10 fiberglass resin, the world’s strongest material. It’s got the look of beautiful reddish wood with the easy care and maintenance of fiberglass.

The blade on the Crimson SH Chef Knife is heavy and beefy, but feels amazingly light and comfortable. The blade and handle are well balanced and the bolster (the part of the knife between the handle and the blade) is tapered with a pinch grip, which makes it easy to gasp. It also keeps your knuckles from hitting the cutting board.

Ergo Chef Crimson Series knife handle features the tough, maintenance-free resin.

The resin handle of the Crimson series is gorgeous and maintenance-free.

Of course, any super sharp knife is a pleasure and the Ergo Chef’s blade is made from German High Carbon Steel that’s ground to 16-18 degrees, creating a super-sharp edge. It’s polished for less sticking and I found this knife effortlessly sliced and chopped through food.

Ergo Chef has created three series of knives: the Pro Series, the highest price, for professional chefs; the Crimson G10 Series, priced mid-range featuring the beautiful resin handles, for professionals and serious home cooks; and the Prodigy Series, their value-priced line of knives. All feature ergo-design elements, come with high carbon stainless steel, and, perhaps best of all, all Ergo Chef Knives come with a lifetime warranty. That’s impressive. I know I’m going to be enjoying my Ergo Chef knife for years to come. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor