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Ketchikan – April 2017
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Alaska Railroad – April 2017
Hellgate – April 2017
Long Beach – April 2017

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Saipan Beach at the Hyatt Regency

Saipan: Ceviche, Tropical Sun, and War Memorials

Saipan is a delicious mix of tropical sun, memorials to WWII, and delectable food.

Shrimp Kelaguen, Micronesian Ceviche

Sweet Shrimp Kelaguen Recipe from Saipan

Mix together lemon juice, fresh coconut, green onions, salt, and red hot chilies with cooked chicken, or raw shrimp, fish, or beef. or even...

Chef Mike Graziano’s Scallop Ceviche

There's nothing like fresh scallop ceviche from Hawaii.