Pronto Coffee: Real Coffee, Real Quick

Pronto! Coffee Product line

RFT Editor is amazed by cold brewed Pronto! Personal Brew Coffee.

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Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters: Ultra-Smooth in Calgary, Alberta

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Artisan coffee roasters Phil and Sebastian in Calgary, Alberta make super smooth coffee with a conscience.

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Weasel Coffee


Weasel gut coffee. Yum. Yes, really from a weasel. Eaten, digested and, well, you know….. And yes, really, really yum. It is thick, rich, and has a hint of chocolate flavor.

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Quest for Good Joe: Eight Offbeat California Coffee Houses


Inevitably, part of my rambling involves the constant quest for good Joe. Not that I’m an addict. I just figure if I’m going to bother drinking the stuff, it might as well knock my fleece socks off.

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Kona Coffee Festival: Great Coffee, Good Fun


The Kona Coffee Festival is 10-days of events that celebrate not only Kona coffee, but the people and culture that make this one of the finest coffees in the world.

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Foods from Spain You’ll Love


Spain is known for its seafood. This tapa, white fish in garlic sauce served with potatoes, is a typical dish you can find in tapas bars.

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