Whip Up a Super Bowl Chili Party

Chili and cornbread IMG_4975

Chili is delicious and nutritious, easy on the budget, and a great dish for your Super Bowl party.

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El Pinto Guacamole


El Pinto Restaurant’s owners, Jim and John Thomas, say the secret to making exceptional guacamole is not to squash the avocado, but to coarsely chop it with a knife while it’s in the bowl.

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Pure chile powders from Pecos Valley Spice Company


New Mexican cooking expert Jane Butel suggests making red chile from powders, not pods.

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Sopaipillas (Deep-fried Bread)


The Queen of Southwestern cooking, Jane Butel, shares her secrets for sopaipilla success.

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Pratt Morales, Golden Crown Bakery


“I have a degree in accounting,” Pratt Morales says, smiling broadly. “But I didn’t want to become a CPA; I wanted to be a baker.”

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The Salsa Twins: John and Jim Thomas


John and Jim Thomas, aka “the salsa twins,” are the Smothers Brothers of New Mexican cuisine.

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Queen of Southwestern Cooking: Jane Butel


Jane Butel could make sopaipillas in her sleep. The delicate pillows of fried dough are the doughnut of the Southwest and Jane’s made a million of them.

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Casa Vieja, Corrales, New Mexico


There’s something amazing and wonderful happening at Casa Vieja, a new restaurant housed in a 300-year-old adobe in the farming village of Corrales, New Mexico.

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Golden Crown Panaderia, Albuquerque NM


This neighborhood hangout is an insider’s place reserved for those in the know and it’s a little gem.

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El Pinto Restaurant, Albuquerque, New Mexico


El Pinto’s food has been served for Cinco de Mayo at the White House, and the restaurant’s walls are festooned with celebrities like Clint Black and Mick Jagger who love the food.

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Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse

Caprese Salad — photo courtesy of Sergio Salvator.

Walk to the back of the Los Ranchos Liquor Store and turn right. There’s a heavy metal door with a small grated opening. Knock and wait for a voice behind the door to demand, “What’s the password?”

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