PEI International Shellfish Festival: A Briny Good Time

Chowder PEI Shellfish Fest

RFT Editor loves the Prince Edward Island International Seafood Competition.

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Chef Vitaly Paley and Newton Vineyard: Unfiltered Delicousness

Paleys delicous appetizer

RFT Editors experience the exquisite pairing of Newton wines and Chef Vitaly Paley’s dishes.

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Oyster Rama: Pairing Wine with Oysters

Oyster close up of IMG_7259

What wine goes with oysters? Wine writer John Morrison unlocks the secrets of perfect pairing.

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Union Oyster House: A Taste of History

Union Oyster House's lobster scampi features a whole Maine lobster.

Boston’s Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously-operating restaurant in the United States and a visit here quickly makes it clear why they’ve earned that distinction.

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Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston, MA: A Fresh Take on Seafood

Pasta made in-house with lobster roe is not only beautiful, it's wonderfully rich.

There’s a new kid on the culinary block in Boston, Island Creek Oyster Bar, and it’s making some serious waves.

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Oysters with Italian Bread Crumbs

_MG_6920 Jimella Baked Oysters

I was not an oyster fan – until I ate Chef Jamilla Lucas’ heavenly baked oysters. Made with Parmesan, lemon, butter, and Italian bread crumbs, they are rich, creamy, and just slightly briny.

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Oyster Crazy in the Florida Panhandle

"Oysters Japanoise," raw oysters served with flying fish roe, ponzu sauce, chives and wasabi at Boss Oyster restaurant in Apalachicola, Florida.

Okay, probably the majority of you out there aren’t going to get to eat oysters two minutes fresh from the water aboard an oysterman’s boat. But you can come close.

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Oysters Unnamed


Fresh oysters are incredible broiled with bacon and cheddar cheese.

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