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Mi Cocina Restaurant, Plano, TX: A popular local chain with great food

I generally shy away from chain restaurants, but sometimes a small, local chain is born because the restaurant is too good not to multiply...

Downtown Plano: An Undiscovered Gem

Historic downtown Plano is an undiscovered gem filled with pubs and interesting restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops and antique malls, and...

Plano Balloon Festival: Floating on a Cloud

It’s barely 6 a.m. and the sky is just dawning pink when we jump into the vans and head for Oak Point Park, the launch center for the...

Marriott at the Legacy Town Center, Plano, Texas

The Legacy Town Center is filled with shops, restaurants, apartments, and condos all in a peaceful, tree-lined setting that encourages...

Main Street Bistro & Bakery, Plano TX

When you walk in, you can’t ignore the dessert case filled with French-style pastries and desserts!

Texas Toffee

One of our editors, who claims she’s “not a real toffee fan,” said, “It’s mighty good. I could really eat a lot of that.”

Love & War in Texas

At Love & War in Plano, Texas, it’s all about Texas food, Texas music, and Texas heritage.

Henry’s Ice Cream

At Henry’s Ice Cream, in Plano, the 16% butterfat ice cream is made with local ingredients every day in small batches.

Urban Crust, Plano, Texas

Urban Crust is a busy, hip bistro in a historic building in downtown Plano, Texas, a suburb just 30 minutes outside of Dallas.