RealFoodTraveler Editor-in-Chief Earns First-ever Canadian Culinary Journalism Award

Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT editor-in-chief

Veteran food and travel writer and editor-in-chief of, Bobbie Hasselbring, has earned the top spot in Canada’s first Culinary Journalism Awards, co-sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and Food Day Canada. Bobbie was honored recently at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco during Canada Media Marketplace, Canada’s tourism event for journalists.

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Dog Sledding in Qutaouais, Quebec: Don’t Trust Red-headed Strangers

Qutaouais,Quebec, dogsleeding

Dog sledding in the Outaouais region of Quebec proves both thrilling, bruising, and a bit funny for our intrepid editor.

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Moulin Wakefield Mill Inn & Spa: Historic Luxury in a Natural Setting


Moulin Wakefield Mill Inn & Spa in Quebec’s beautiful Outaouais region offers history, luxury, and a spectacular natural setting.

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Auberge St. Antoine, Quebec city, Canada: Luxury and Living History

Copy of _MG_4127

Auberge St. Antoine built on one of the richest archeological sites in history-rich Quebec City is living history in a luxurious package.

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Montebello’s Sugar Pie (Tarte au Sucre)

tarte au sucre 276

The historic Fairmont Le Château Montebello in Quebec serves this sugar pie made with local maple syrup and it’s incredibly delicious.

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Jacques Legros: Quebec’s Father Goose

The geese and ducks eat a grain-rich diet.

At A Taste of Yesterday (Au goût d’autrefois) Farm and Restaurant on bucolic Orleans Island just outside Quebec City, Jacques Legros produces some of the best, humanely-raised foie gras in Canada.

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Orleans Island: Quebec City’s Authentic “Pantry”


Imagine giant cranberries the size of nickels, intensely-flavored black currant liquor, silky sweet apple syrup, and rich foie gras produced from happy geese. This is just a fraction of the culinary bounty that comes from Île d’Orléans (Orleans Island), Quebec.

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A Taste of the Garden

Flower spoon MG_8172

At Maritime Quebec’s Reford Garden (Mont Joli Jarden de Métis), it’s all about the flowers – growing them, cooking with them, eating them.

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Marché de 3 Fumoirs, Quebec: Smokin’ Good

Smokehouse platter IMG_8402

The smells are intoxicating – sweet, smoky, briny like the ocean. We’re at Marché de 3 Fumoirs (Market of the Three Smokehouses) in Quebec. For 40 years, Jacqueline “Jacky” Ouellet’s family have been carrying on the tradition of smoking local fish, shellfish, and meats and selling them at this modest storefront.

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A Voyage into History

Museum exterior MG_8287

It was 2:00 a.m. on May 29, 1914 and the fog off Pointe-au-Père, Quebec, had settled like a thick woolen blanket over the St. Lawrence River. The mate on lookout aboard the RMS Empress of Ireland scanned the murky water, straining to see through the gauzy haze. Suddenly it was there, a ship steaming directly toward them on a collision course…

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Le Cercle, Quebec City, Quebec


This combination bar-music venue-restaurant is decidedly one of the freshest, most exciting new dining choices to hit the city’s culinary scene.

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Marriott Montreal Airport Hotel, Montreal, Quebec


Normally, this reviewer isn’t a big fan of airport hotels. Too often, they’re a bit down at the heels and the service is less than spectacular. This one has changed my mind completely.

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