BBQ Salmon Potlatch Style, The Resort at Port Ludlow

Salmon hortz  IMG_4300

Salmon, barbecued Northwest Native American style, retains all the delicious moist salmon flavor.

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Skamania Lodge Salmon Chowder: A Hearty Winter Dish

Skamania Lodge Salmon Chowder

This recipe for Skamania Lodge’s Salmon Chowder features all the flavors of a classic chowder, but with lots of healthful vegetables and smoked salmon.

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Bronzed Salmon


This Bronzed Salmon recipe called for browning the fish in a hot pan and then cooking it in a sauce. The result was both beautiful and delicious.

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Sugpiaq Seafood: Wild, Delicious, Sustainable


Most of us care about our oceans and our health and recognize that the two are inter-connected. No one recognizes that more than the Native Alaskan people who have fished the oceans for thousands of years.

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Norwegian Salmon Stuffed with Wild Rice, Cranberries & Pecans


This recipe for Norwegian Stuffed Salmon is elegant, relatively easy to make, healthful, and beautiful.

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