Delicious Discoveries in the Heart of Spain

Spanish old town Maestrazgo fiesta 1929

Our Spain correspondent, Lindsay Milich, brings us the delights of the beautiful and rural Maestrazgo region of Spain.

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Hotel Aldearoqueta, Castellón, Spain: “The Little Hamlet”

Aldearoqueta 1739

Our Spain correspondent, Lindsay Milich, takes us to “the little hamlet,” the Hotel Aldearoqueta.

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Le Méridien Hotel, Barcelona, Spain


Le Méridien is a terrific choice for travelers who want both luxurious accommodations and easy access to the city’s sights.

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Exploring Barcelona by GoCar — it’s fun!


Want to experience some of the great cities of the world like a local? You might want to try GoCar, gps-guided mini scooter-cars that put you onto the streets of cities like Barcelona, San Francisco, San Diego, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and Miami.

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Epicurean Ways: making paella with Chef Willy Moya


In a flat, shallow pan, stock, wine, garlic, Bomba rice, saffron, olive oil, red and green peppers, and shrimp, squid, and small chunks of sea bass bubble away. We are making paella, Spain’s famous rice dish.

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A Taste of Spain: Passionately Delicious


With a warm smile, “our chef,” Jaume Brichs, picks us out of the teeming crowd at the main entrance of La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain. He welcomes us and invites us into his exciting and exotic world of Spanish — or more accurately — Catalan cuisine.

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Foods from Spain You’ll Love


Spain is known for its seafood. This tapa, white fish in garlic sauce served with potatoes, is a typical dish you can find in tapas bars.

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Chocolate Museum, Barcelona, Spain


In Barcelona, a city jam packed with museums filled with history, art, erotica, and even shoes, it is not surprising to find one devoted to chocolate, Museu de la Xocolata.

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Horchata: Summer Gold in a Glass


Horchata (Orxata in Valencian and Catalan) is made from water, sugar and — the magic, vital ingredient — “chufas,” or “tiger nuts,” introduced into Valencian Spain around the 3rd Century by the Arabs who occupied all of southern Spain at the time.

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A Whirlwind Tour of Europe: Food First


Viv Chapelo and Jill Hoelting, who produce the excellent women’s adventure website,, spent six weeks in Europe tasting some of the delights. Here are some of their favorites.

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Chef Juame Brichs, Barcelona, Spain


Jaume Brichs, chef, pastry chef, food and beverage consultant, and cooking class instructor, is a man passionate about his Catalan food and culture.

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Mexiterranée Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain


Located inside the Casanova Hotel on Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes in central Barcelona, Mexiterranée is a restaurant most tourists and locals miss.

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