Good to Go: Nutritious Travel Food

Italian artichokes

Our new health-oriented writer, Clair Holt, gives healthy on-the-go eating advice.

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Be Safe, Have Fun: Eight Questions to Ask Your White Water Rafting Company


Rafting experts offer tips for choosing the safest, most experienced white water rafting company.

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Reduce Airfare Costs

airplane boeing 777

Nationally-recognized financial expert, Andrea Woroch, offers terrific tips for saving money on airfare.

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Prevent Theft, Save Money While Traveling: Things to Keep in Your Wallet (First in a two-part series)


Financial expert Casey Bond at tell us what we should carry in our wallets when we travel.

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Smooth Sailing for Road Warriors


Productivity expert James Womack says business travel can be less stressful and you can enjoy what you’re doing more, if you follow these tips.

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10 Cruise (Or Any Trip) Packing Essentials


RFT’s cruise expert, Sherry Laskin, gives her 10 (okay 11) packing must-haves.

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Healthy Traveler: Don’t Let Illness Ruin Your Trip


Tips to keep you feeling great and staying safe while you’re on the road and when you get home.

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Surviving Air Travel: An Expert Weighs In


RFT Aviation expert and attorney offers strategies you can use at holiday time – or any time—to get to your destination easily, safely, and with less hassle.

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Avoid Pesky Hitchhikers

Don't let your luggage carry home unwanted beg bugs.

Bed bugs have become a traveler’s nightmare — even in high-end hotels. Here’s advice to avoid them.

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Wallet-Friendly Air Travel


The worldwide economic challenges most of us have been experiencing don’t mean you have to give up traveling by plane. It just means you need to travel smarter.

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Planning Your Camino: Preparing “The Way”


For thousands of years, pilgrims and travelers have been walking The Camino, the way, the path, the road, the journey. They all end in Santiago, Spain, the destination of many mediaeval pilgrims.

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