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Holiday Wining: Tips for choosing and buying

Our wine expert, Julie Pegg, takes the guess work out of holiday wines.

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Que Shiraz, Syrah!

Our esteemed Wine & Spirits Senior Editor, Julie Pegg, explores Syrah in Walla Walla.

accommodations in  Montestigliano

Montestigliano: At the Heart of Italian Agritourismo

Wine & Spirits Editor Julie Pegg goes Italian.

Muscadet sur Lie

France’s Loire Valley: Heaven for Wine Lovers

Our Wine & Spirits Editor Julie Pegg teaches us about Loire Valley wines.

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Prosecco and Other Festive Bubblies

Our Wine & Spirits Editor Julie Pegg uncorks Prosecco for the holidays.

Carving turkey

Red Wines for Thanksgiving

RFT Wine & Spirits Editor guides you to Turkey Day red wines.

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Whites for the Dog Days of Summer

Our wine guru, Julie Pegg, talks late summer whites.

tasting spirits in British Columbia

Vodka—The Answer is Clear

Craft Vodkas aren’t your grandfather’s vodka. Editor’s note: In the last couple of years, vodka has made a comeback as a...

Vancouver Wine Festival, David Niddrie

California Dreamin’ at Vancouver’s International Wine Festival

Our Wine Editor Julie Pegg goes California Dreamin' at the Vancouver Wine Festival.

Wiser's whisky

Canadian Whisky: beer, back-bacon, plaid shirts, pucks, toques—rye whisky, eh? (Third in a three-part series.)

The last in our three-part series on whiskey, expert Julie Pegg talks about Canadian whisky (no "e").

Sausages and mashed potatoes

Irish Whiskey: Malted, Unmalted, and Bourbon (Second in a three-part series on whiskey.)

Our expert, Julie Pegg, reveals the secrets of Irish whiskey.

Italian red wine

Getting the Holiday Spirit(s)

Our Wine Editor, Julie Pegg, takes the stress and mystery out of choosing the right wines to pair with your holiday meal.