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RealFoodTraveler.com was born on a train in Italy. Want to know more? Enjoy the story of the simple interaction that inspired the founders of this digital magazine about food and travels. 

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RealFoodTraveler started with a simple lunch

In 2005, the founders of the site, Anne Weaver and Bobbie Hasselbring, were eating creamy provolone cheese, spicy salami, and fresh Italian rolls they’d purchased from a local deli near the train station while traveling in Italy. Across the aisle, three college-age girls eating McDonald’s hamburgers jealously eyed their lunch.

Looking for local places to eat – the authentic food experience

“Where’d you buy that?” asked one of the the girls, pointing to the simple but delicious feast. Bobbie and Anne were stunned. In one of the best locales in the world for food and travel, these young ladies didn’t know what foods to eat or where to buy them. In that moment, Bobbie and Anne vowed to build an online travel-food magazine and web community dedicated to sharing information about authentic regional foods around the world. Their mission was to make sure that travelers know what regional foods to not miss and where to find them, no matter where they travel. To accomplish that, they started RealFoodTraveler.com in 2009. 

A New Beginning for RealFoodTraveler.com

On January 1, 2018, Courtney Drake-McDonough became the new owner/publisher/managing editor of RealFoodTraveler.com. With a new look, reflective of the content that covers the whole world, and readers from every continent, Courtney has added elements to the site including a series of podcast interviews, more recipes, photos, videos and articles to help travelers know how to make the most out of their journeys. Her goal is to continue on and enhance the wonderful, multi-award-winning site that Bobbie and Anne started. Courtney brings more than 30 years of experience writing about food, travel, arts and culture.

A Food and Travel Website for People Who Love New Experiences

Real food travelers are people who love food and travel and believe that eating local, regional foods can help you really know a place. Whether you eat a juicy elk steak in Montana, a gelato in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, a delicate “bing” crepe in Shanghai, or a potato taco with homemade salsa in Guatemala, authentic regional food connects you with the history, the people and the culture unique to that place.

RealFoodTraveler.com, however, isn’t just about food. It’s about all that’s authentic and true about the places we travel. It’s about the people, the adventures, the accommodations, and the products that make different parts of the world unique and special. If you love real regional foods and authentic travel, RealFoodTraveler.com is the place for you!

Meat and cheese boards feature artisinal food from Puglia.

Popular meat and cheese boards feature locally-made, artisanal products.Photo by Ed Placidi.

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